Each post here will detail one idea for sparking a child’s interest. Posts will be loosely categorized into one of nine themes:

  • The World and its Cultures
  • The Arts and Creative Expression
  • Language and Literature
  • Civic and Community Engagement
  • Service and Helping Others
  • Sports and the Great Outdoors
  • The Sciences
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Big Ideas Requiring Planning and Serious Resources

I’ll try to keep up something like a rotation. I’ve tried to make all of these ideas low-cost or even free. Where I can, I’m recommending public libraries or the internet as sources. A few of the Big Ideas items are expensive, and I’ll try to offer thoughts for sharing the cost or finding funding.

I’m also pre-supposing that the parents or guardians of The Interested Child are inclined to help the child become independent–to go to a library alone, say, or use public transportation. These determinations are in the hands of the parents and guardians, but it’s been our experience that independence and curiosity often go hand in hand.

Finally, there should be no expectation that any one child will be excited by all or even most of these ideas. They are a menu, from which any child may only find a few things that look exciting. But the point is to offer that menu, to understand that sometimes there needs to be a little encouragement toward finding interesting things to do.

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