THE INTERESTED CHILD: Now available in FREE e-book form

Once upon a time I began THE INTERESTED CHILD as a book, but in the interest of spreading the message a blog-like website seemed far more effective. Readers here have made this project exceedingly gratifying for me, and the feedback I have received has been heartening.

As a way of thanking readers and of keeping the concept going even if I haven’t had occasion to post new suggestions in a while, I have re-cast THE INTERESTED CHILD as an e-book and made it available for distribution AT NO COST through the website of THE INDEPENDENT CURRICULUM GROUP, a consortium of change-minded schools and educational organizations on whose board I long served and of which I am now executive director.

THE INTERESTED CHILD e-book is available in .PDF, .EPUB, and .MOBI (for Amazon Kindle) formats HERE.

If you know educators or family folk who might be interested, please spread the word!

And thank you once again for your own interest!

—Peter Gow

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